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Déjà Bali maintains the highest standard of culinary mastery for all of our guests. With traditional Balinese and classic Western dishes, our dining team is consistently seeks high quality local, farm-fresh ingredients.

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*Speak to Staff for any special food requests, restrictions, or extras 

Meet Chef Agung

With over 20 years of professional culinary  experience and as the executive chef of 5 top-ranked five star restaurants in Bali, Chef Agung has well earned his title as one of the top rated chefs in Bali. All menu items at Déjà Bali have been meticulously created with passion and love by the one and only, Chef Agung.

Lavish your tastebuds in great delight with our tropical Déjà Bali smoothie bowl – filled with exotic jungle fruits, a bountiful mix of granola, nuts and seeds. Enjoy this vibrantly beautiful piece of edible art. Savor it out by the pool or on the terrace, but before you delicately devour, don’t forget to snap a shot for your insta, surely to be a delectably eye-catching addition to any feed. 

Experience a true taste of Bali through tradition dishes such as Nasi Goreng, a staple in Balinese cuisine (pictured above).  The typical spices used in Balinese cuisine include Kaempferia galanga (galangal), shallots, garlic, turmeric, ginger and Kaffir lime.

Can’t go wrong with the classic western breakfast, Déjà Bali style. We aspire for our dishes to represent the same sophistication and artful elegance as the villa. We achieve this by providing top-quality, health-conscious meals with our own unique and special touches